Fighting Fraud

Most workers’ compensation claims stem from legitimate injuries sustained while in the workplace; however, there are some who file false claims. These can result in increased costs for all employers. CompSource Mutual’s Special Investigations Unit (SIU) successfully works with policymembers and the Oklahoma State Attorney General’s office to stop workers' compensation fraud and prosecute violators.

Workers’ compensation fraud can occur in any business, in any industry. Here are some "red flags" to look for:
• A new employee files a claim.
• An injured worker hires an attorney the day of the injury.
• The injury "story" changes often.
• There is a substantial delay from the time of injury to filing the claim.
• The claim coincides with a layoff or termination.

Workers' compensation fraud isn't just limited to claimants; employers, medical professionals and attorneys can also be guilty of fraud. Click here for more information on the types of fraud.

If you suspect workers' compensation fraud, report it online or call the fraud hot line at (800) 899-1847.