CompSource Mutual Contact Information

Main customer service line:
(405) 232-7663 or (800) 347-3863

Quick reference extensions for commonly used services:

           Agent Program:              ext. 5108
  Claims Department:   ext. 3872
  Certificates of Insurance Requests:   ext. 5107
  Premium Audit:   ext. 5528
  Premium Billing (payroll reports):   ext. 5105
  Underwriting:   ext. 5102
  Other States' Coverage:   ext. 5102
  Safety/Loss Prevention:   ext. 3751
  Human Resources:   ext. 3593


Report an Injury

Report Fraud

Tulsa Office:  




(800) 872-7015

(800) 899-1847

(918) 295-1500 or (800) 347-3863


Mailing Address:                            
  Oklahoma City Office:   Tulsa Office:
  CompSource Mutual   CompSource Mutual
  PO Box 53505   PO Box 50580
  Oklahoma City, OK   Tulsa, OK
  73152-3505   74150-0508

CompSource Mutual values your comments. Our objective is to protect Oklahoma workers and employers by providing quality, low-cost workers’ compensation services in a manner that is sensitive, responsive and effective. To accomplish this, we welcome your input and comments. Please take a moment and provide us with feedback on our services.